Sunday, January 31, 2010

On my way....

After four years of wanting to get into the world of triathlon, I finally signed up and started training for one. So what changed in the past four years?
First, I got a brand new bike, my beloved Bianchi Volpe. Even though it is not a triathlon bike, or even a real road-bike, it's road-bikey enough and has me excited about riding.

Second, I think after three years of reading triathlon blogs, I realized that, there really is no secret to it. Just train hard, take it a day at a time, and see where you go, right?
Third, this semester (hopefully the last of my PhD), I don't have to take any classes and I don't have to teach any classes. I only have to work on my research which I cannot do for more than 5 or 6 hours every day.
So, on January 15th, 4 days into my triathlon training, I signed up for a mid-August half Ironman in Germany. And in the three weeks I have been training I have managed to go from 2 to 6.5 miles of running, and from 5 miles of biking to 30 miles of biking. So I have hope that come August 15th, I will be able to finish the whole thing in under 8 hours.
I think going from 0 to 70.3 in eight months is insane enough that I will be motivated to stick to my workouts...