Friday, September 23, 2011

Still here...

Latest development in bullet points:
I have not trained since the Leiden Half Marathon (my new PR)
Despite that, I ran the Zwolle Half Marathon in June and still enjoyed it.
I ran the Dam tot Dam Loop (10M) untrained and had a blast.
I am gearing up for three half marathons in three weekends (see sidebar)
I am officially (and have been since June) Half Fanatic #1165!
I signed up for Ironman Zurich

Despite what the above suggests, I am still sane...

Happy training!


  1. Ironman? That's awesome and tough. Better start training I think :)

    Funny that we're going to be at 3 events. I'm doing 15K in Breda, the half in Amsterdam too and the 10.5 K in Egmond.

    I thought about Zevenheuvelenloop but not doing that this year.

  2. Oh and I was in Amsterdam last weekend too. Not my best race but it was a great one to run with all the spectators along the route.