Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unintended Recovery Week

Last week was a bit of an unintended recovery week. I think I kept on trying to do more than I could/should and then paying the price the next day. So Monday AM I did weights. Monday PM was supposed to be off but I still went for my epic 5K followed by some shuffling. Tuesday AM I had a great swim (main set was 5x300 in anticipation of the Azalea Triathlon). Tuesday PM I slept. Wednesday AM I did a 2 hour ride on the gym bike. Thursday I had a lukewarm swim. I managed 2,200 yds with 5x100. I managed to do my last 100 in 1:30 which 5 years ago would be pathetic, but now I'll take it.

Thursday PM I had to do 2 runs. I wanted to run 10 miles, but I also needed to collect some data for my dissertation, so I did not have 2 uninterrupted hours. Instead a ran an "errand 5K" (run home to take meds which I forgot in the AM, run to the supermarket to get candy for my survey takers, run back to the office). Later, I did another 5 miles at a very slow pace. Friday, I had another half hearted swim and then tried to bike at the gym. I gave up after 20 minutes.

Saturday was an imposed day off as I we went to Washington DC to have some good times and some excellent sushi. Sunday morning, I got up early and managed 1:40 in the gym, 1:20 of which was biking and 20 minutes of running on the treadmill. The hotel gym was surprisingly pleasant. The only thing that kept me from the second 20 minute run was some rather unpleasant chaffing... I guess there is a reason I never wear very short shorts...

So all in all, I still got 10 hours of exercise, it just felt very unproductive and unstructured.

This week will be more of the same as we are in North Carolina. Monday I had an awesome ride from State College to Bellefonte. The weather was finally nice enough to take my Volpe out. I tried to go as fast as I could. Excluding any traffic and water stops, I managed an average pace of 15.09mph for the 26 miles. If you factor in the traffic lights and water, the average pace was 14.46mph. That's the same ride as the one from February 20th, where I averaged less than 12mph...

Tuesday we drove from PA to NC non-stop. Yet I still managed to get a 40 minute run in the evening, after we got here. Neither my wubby or I thought I would actually run. I think the fact that I pretty much ate my way from PA to NC gave me a good incentive. This morning I ran another 6.2 miles, 12 hours after last night's run. Breakfast was not even remotely digested which made the running hard. I'll try the same run tomorrow....

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