Friday, June 25, 2010

Back in the Game!

So.... I had a friendly visit with the doc on Monday, just to make sure I was getting better. Turns out I had bronchitis, so I got myself a brand new collection of pills, including 5 days of antibiotics and some chastising for running on Saturday. Whoops! On the happy side of things, he did compliment me EXTENSIVELY on my nice and slow heart rate, low blood pressure and high spirits. So all in all, a very pleasant visit. He did ask me not to exercise for a couple more days, at least until the icky cough was gone. So today, Millheim Tri D-1, I went to the pool to make sure I still knew how to swim. Mission accomplished. 1,800 slow yards later, I am getting excited about participating (not racing) tomorrow. The doc said to take it easy, and I will. Sorry I did not make it to anyone's blog this week, but I finished the first draft of my dissertation. I will catch up this weekend! :-)

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  1. Ugh...that's a bummer about bronchitis, but at least you got some good meds to help it go away! I hope you feel better soon!