Monday, May 17, 2010

First (Metric) Century and Bullets

My dissertation has finally taken off (yeah for nice people filling out online surveys) so training has taken a hit. For the sake of saving time (so I can go workout and you don't get bored) I thought I'd break with my ultra-long post tradition and post the highlights of the past two weeks in bullets, in chronological order.
  • Monday & Tuesday post half-marathon I could barely move, so no workouts
  • Wednesday I went on a very enjoyable 40-something bike ride and fell when stopping at the red light, 0.25 miles from my home. I forgot to unclip from the pedals, in front of the lunch hour traffic... No injuries except for bruised hip, sit bone and pride, and sore abs from laughing.
  • Friday feeble attempt at running. Slowest 6 miles since I got the Garmin... (10:10 min/miles)
  • Saturday AM, aborted bike ride. Tried to beat the severe wind-related weather alert but ended chickening out after being blown off the road a couple of times.
  • Sunday was an even slower 8 mile run (10:30 min/miles)
  • Monday-Tuesday I was stuck in the office working on my dissertation. My knees were hurting from sitting too long. It was pouring down rain too...
  • Swimming did also not work out this week, the pool was only open noon -3pm...
  • Wednesday PM was another 8 mile run, slightly faster than Sunday's but still very slow... (10:04 min/miles)
  • The metric century was Saturday and was AWESOME. I went first out on my own for about 30 miles then Ondrej (hubby) and Bob (personal bike guru) joined in and we did another beautiful 30-something miles to Bellefonte and Centre Hall. The weather was perfect. Due to my European heritage I reserve the right to celebrate 100 kilometers as an achievement.
Now my question is, how long does it take to recover from a half-marathon? I thought that after a day or two I should be back to full training mode, but my running legs were gone for the past two weeks.

In other miscellaneous things, I finally cut my hair since it was getting to the point that I did not have the time to wash it or even brush it, both very time consuming activities when you have enough hair to keep an army warm. However, aside from hubby, few people have had positive responses... Is it really that bad?

And, the best for last, I got my first follower!!!! Hi Erica!!! Thanks for joining!

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