Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Early morning musings on a rainy day.

[06:00] Alarm goes. I should get up and go for my run. 
[06:05] Hubby is not getting up either. Might as well stay in bed too then. I'll go run tonight at 6, before my phone date at 7 and our dinner at 8. Go back to sleep now.
[06:08] Whooops. I have to stay at school until 6pm, so no way I can get my workout done. Gotta get up.
(Me) I'm getting up now to go run.
(Hubby) Grunt. Grunt. Wake me up before you go. Grunt.
[06:12] Pfff. Scale has gone up again.
[06:15] What should I wear? Oh yeah. My awesome new Saucony reflective jacket (might as well give it the rain test), with my Azalea triathlon shirt.
[06:20] Food. To eat or not to eat? Eat. I'll have two slices of ontbijtkoek*
[06:24] What is the New York Times saying today? Cool. New opinion columns.
[06:38] Done with eating. I should probably go. Nah. What does CNN.com say?
[06:45] Oh. I have not checked people.com in a loooooooooooooong time. Pink looks so cute pregant. Hmm. It's still dark outside. No iPod.
[06:55] Fine, I'll get up now. I bet it's raining outside, but it's too dark to see. Maybe I can check the weather online. Oh, but if I do, I'll spend another 30 minutes reading blogs.
(Me) I'm going for my run now. ..
(Hubby) Enjoy your run, I'll see you soon.
[07:01] Where ARE my shoes? Oh, yes. By the door... Duh...
[07:06] What is taking the elevator so LONG?!**
[07:10] It's POURING!!! No way am I running.
(Hubby) Back so soon?
(Me) Yeah... It's really pouring out there.
(Hubby) That does it! Already giving up on your new training plan...
[07:16] He is right! If I give up now, I'm no longer gnarly. I can handle a bit of rain! Where is my cap?
(Me) Hmmm. You're right. Fine. I'll go! See you in an hour.
[07:19] Where ARE my shoes? Oh, yes. By the door... Duh...
[07:22] What is taking the elevator so LONG?!**
[07:24] Lucky me! The rain has gotten lighter. Why won't the garmin find the silly satellite so I can start running already?!
[07:25] Ok GO!
[07:34] First mile, easy peazy
[07:35] Argh! The buckets have started falling! Hard!!! Must avoid huge muddy puddle.
[07:36] Splash. Whoops. There goes the left shoe.
[07:37] Splash. Where did that puddle come from. There goes the right shoe.
[07:44] Am I the only gnarly person running in the complete dark, in the pounding rain, or am I the only stupid person running in the complete dark, in the pounding rain?
[07:43] Two miles down, three to go.
[08:15] Made. It. Home. Jacket soaked. Shoes soaked. Pants soaked. But t-shirt completely dry. Jacket awesome.
(Me) I'm back! Can you take a picture?
(Hubby) Why?
(Me) Cuz this was an epic ride and I am completely soaked.
(Hubby) Really? You don't look wet.
I promise, I was really soaked!
 *Dutch spice bread/cake, very light on the tummy, but good combo of fast and slow sugar.
** I always take the elevator down in the AM. No point in injuring myself by missing a step or two due to sleeplessness.


  1. You've written it down very funny and no you're not the only idiot who did that, I do it too which doesn't mean I like it but a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do right?