Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Meah Days

It's Sunday morning here in clog-land, it's foggy, and it's -8C (17F). The combo of fog and cold means it's also very humid (100% humidity actually). It's time for my long run of the week (8 to 10 miles). Trying to get motivated by reading other people's blogs. Thanks Fran,Tall Mom, Charisa (even though I got very jealous), Michelle, and TMB, who all had posts this morning for me to enjoy with coffee :-)
Admit it! You want some!
So why was this a "meah week"? Nothing special really. I pulled my hamstring on Sunday, which kinda threw all running out for a couple of days. We also had some really dark days at the beginning of the week (very cloudy, and short) which also threw me a bit off. Thursday evening I cycled, and that felt good. However, I felt really crappy on my Friday run. Yes, I did make it out, I wasn't back after 10 minutes, and ran a total of 5 miles. But my heart rate climbed pretty high pretty quickly, and no matter how much I slowed down, it would not go down. The same happened before my race on Sunday. I also felt pretty bad the rest of the day, until yesterday morning. I heard from a colleague he had exactly the same, so maybe some bug was going around our office?
Yesterday I ran to the gym (about 1.25 mile), cycled, and ran back (1.25 mile) and that felt pretty good. So I have high hopes that today's run will be a good one and next week will be a good week of training. I would like to do a half Ironman on June 26th, and need to start training a bit more seriously.
They also have a half ;-)

The plan for this week is:
Sunday (today): 8 to 10 miles
Monday: swim 1,500m
Tuesday: run 6 miles
Wednesday: swim 1,500m; bike 60minutes and strength train
Thursday: run 6 miles, bike 90minutes
Friday: swim 1,500m and strength train
Saturday: run 6 miles, bike 90 minutes
Sunday: long run 10 miles

Wish me luck :-)

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  1. Well you couldn't get any motivated from my yesterday's post since I cancelled my long run yesterday :) But thanks for the shout out.

    Impressive workout schedule. Don't you have rest days at all? I need at least two a week.