Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Month in Review - January

 After a pretty stellar December in terms of running, January was the month I would resume triathlon training. That was a mixed success. January included a 10-day taper and a week-long recovery for the Egmond Half Marathon, and a 5-day hiatus from running because of a tiny injury. All in all that took away a lot of time from running. I did however manage some decent numbers for January, including:
Swimming: 4 swims for 6,300m and 130 minutes
Biking: 6 workouts for 79 miles and 375 minutes
Running: 14 workouts for a total of 82 miles and 810 minutes
Total: 1275minutes or 21.25 hours of exercise.
I give myself the onion ring award for January

So all in all not too shabby. These numbers do not include leisurely bike rides for Sunday lunches (about an hour), commuting by bike, or strength training (which happened about three times...)

Goals for February:
Really pick up the swimming and bike and get started on a routine schedule
Build up to my second half of the year
Lose the 2k that attached themselves to my thighs when I working out in the fall.

Have a great February!

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  1. You call this a mixed success? I'm waiting on a month which is a success for you because this is already very impressive to me.