Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 6 in Review - Wimpy

I started this week on last week's high note, but that did not last... My legs were completely shot from working out 3+ hours on two consecutive days.

Monday was supposed to be a 2,500 m swim, which I cut short to 2,000. The excuse, my brand new goggles were bugging me. Tuesday's run was *very* slow, on account of those legs still being shot. I also skipped the bike and strength, and did those on Wednesday morning instead, skipping the AM swim. I also skipped Wednesday and Thursday's runs. I was just completely tired, and spent those hours reading on the couch.

Friday I got 1,500 of the planned 2,500m of swimming in (cut short due to really painful goggles), my 90 minutes of cycling, and the strength training. Saturday, I did another 90 minutes of cycling, which felt really good, and ran to, and back from the gym (2 x 1.25miles). I skipped the 4 mile run I had planned, as it was getting dark, we had company, and I decided I was just too tired and needed to keep my strength up for today's 10K. Which turned out to be a great idea, since I PR-ed by more than 7(!!!) minutes. But more on that tomorrow.
In honor of our guest, I made lasagna last night! (I rarely cook...)

Week 6 (07 Feb - 13 Feb)
Swim: 3,500m (last year: 2,400yds)
Bike: 53 miles (last year: 75 miles)

Run: 14 miles (last year: 19 miles)
Total: 7.5 hours (last year 8.9 hours)
I won't formalize this week's workouts, since my hubby and I have some exciting errands (nothing related to V-day, I promise), but I will try my best to stay on track.

Have a fantastic week!

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  1. Girl I'm impressed how much you still did considering your legs wouldn't cooperate last week. Truly an inspiration.

    Congrats on your PR, that's fantastic to break your record with 7 minutes!