Thursday, February 10, 2011


At work I am known as "the quantitative one" as I mostly use quantitative methods in my research. While I'm not too fond of the title, it's true that I like statistics. I especially like the stories behind them. So.... I have been very excited by the prospect of collecting and analyzing statistics on my blog (thank you
So, what kind of fun stuff have I seen so far? Well, that my blog is not very popular or well read. But, some funny stuff as well! (well, at least to me).

The last person (and only) to look at my blog today, got here through a google search. The keywords? Europe Norovirus. Since one of my posts is Norovirus 1 - Alinda 0, and the last word in my blog is Europe, bingo, I was #3 in Google's list. On the bright side, this person got distracted from the woes of diarrhea by reading some 20 posts. Thank you! Hope you feel better!

I have a reader from Russia! Someone googled the URL to my blog in a search engine called Ok, so they may not actually be in Russia, but I like thinking I'm being read in such exotic places!

Someone got to my blog by googling european workout. I was really curious to see what a European workout entails (except for working out in Europe) so I googled it myself. Self has a story about it.

In other interesting keywords, someone googled "never look back during a race" and another search was for athlete boink.I think that about sums my blog's contribution to athletic knowledge.

The most read posts are my little windsurfing vacation (hope it's not because of the bikini picture) and my early morning musings. True, that post was pretty cool. That's all folks! Thanks for reading!


  1. You probably don't get stats from those of us using RSS readers. And for that, I apologize!

  2. I use Google reader too to read blogs. I never looked into this concerning my own blog, might be fun to do that sometime.