Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still around!

I'm still here, still trying to train, although I have completely switched gears and decided to focus on running. I just don't see a lot of enthusiasm in the Netherlands for triathlon, and I have to confess, I find cycling in the Netherlands incredibly boring. I miss the hills of Pennsylvania, where I could measure myself up a 5 mile long hill. Around here, the only way to get a workout is to go really fast, but I am too chicken for that.
The hubby and I went to the South (Maastricht) this weekend to find some hills...
 So... I'm going to give up the tri thing for the time being and focus on running, and keep cycling and swimming for fun... Now I need to find a new blog name... Any suggestions?

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  1. A blog name is personal so I'm not going to suggest anything.

    It's true that there aren't many triathlons here in Holland. Guess we are more runners and cyclists. And yes biking is kind of boring if you want hills. I live in a flat area so no hills here either.