Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 14 in Review - Switching Gears

Now that triathlon is out, and running is in, I am switching gears and focusing on running a sub 1:55 half and (maybe) a sub 4:00 marathon in 2011. I just signed up for the Zwolle half marathon (with a maximum enrollment of 3,500) on June 18th (at 8:15 PM!). This time, my goal is to really follow the plan (with a few minor adjustments since I will be running two other halfs during the 10 weeks) and to go sub 1:55.

Last week, I tried to get back into running-only mode. I ran Tuesday (6 miles), Wednesday (6 miles) and Friday (8 miles). Every single one of those runs was at around 9:50 pace with an average heart rate of 168 or so. So I think I am getting back in running shape.

I ended up skipping my long run on Sunday. The weather over the weekend was AMAZING, so we ended biking to Zevenbergen on Friday (30-something miles), biking to Willemstad on Saturday (40-something miles) and I went to my bike/racing clinic on Sunday (another 25 miles or so).

Totals for the week:
Run-training: 20 miles
Bike-recreation: 95 miles

All good!

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