Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I took two days off (Saturday and Sunday) as we were going away for the weekend. So I (tried) to do my long run on Monday. 8 miles, same as last week Monday. For some reason, yesterday's 8 miles were SO much harder than last week's.
Last week I did 56 laps in 1:27, this week I did 55 laps in 1:25. So my average pace was about the same. However, last week I started off with 11 minute miles and went faster. Yesterday my miles were something like
Lap 07 0:10:20 --> 10:20
Lap 14 0:20:25 --> 10:15
Lap 21 0:31:00 --> 10:20
Lap 28 0:42:03 --> 11:03
Lap 35 0:53:12 --> 11:09
Lap 42 1:04:10 --> 10:58
Lap 49 1:15:12 --> 11:02
Lap 55 1:25:48 --> 10:36 (I think we accidentally skipped one lap so it should be 12:10)
My heart rate was also much higher than it was last week, and I felt like I was about to explode from mile 5 onwards. If it weren't for my good friend Dan running with me, I probably would have given up at mile 6...
So what was different this week?
1) I went swimming in the morning, running in the afternoon. So I might have already been tired.
2) I started too fast
3) Dan and I were talking, which I have never done before (it made the laps go by much faster)
4) There was a lot of "traffic" on the track, so we were dogging people left and right, that made it harder to keep a steady pace.
Either way, after my 8 miles I went home in the slipperiest conditions yet. It took me 45 minutes to walk home. When I got there I was so nauseous I went straight to bed. This morning we overslept by 45 minutes, so I am still digesting my extra large, extra late breakfast before going to the gym. I am going to take it easy this morning and be more careful next time!

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